NSAL National Conference praised by New York Director/Producer

Dear Florida East Coast Chapter,
Now that I am back in N.Y.C. and having had time away to evaluate my experience with NSAL during the En Pointe Ballet Competition I want you to know how much this really meant to me. 
Working with my dear friend Shari Upbin and NSAL, I discovered treasures and was gifted rare and precious people who enlightened my soul, warmed my heart and made me feel loved. At every turn, every moment, I said to Shari, "It just keeps getting better!"
As artists, of which I am proud to call myself, we are faced with challenges endemic throughout our industry. For the need to express ourselves creatively has always been confronted with finding the support to do so. 
This is perplexing to me as it is one of the binding and inexplicable strengths of our humanity, civilization, existence, and most important for me, one's legacy. When I learned up-close and saw what NSAL does for artists of every ilk I was humbled to know this exists, thank our stars!
This type of support wasn't so readily available when I was coming up and boy I would have loved to have had the support NSAL provides!
All to say thank you to the entire organization for what you do. I am impressed by your tenacity, your nobility to preserve the arts, and look forward to being able to help in the near future.
Jonathan Stuart Cerullo
Director/Executive Producer 
JSCTheatricals LLC

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