In honor of Naomi Rabb Winston, NSAL established an annual scholarship fund for young visual artists between the ages of 16 and 22. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional talent and promise of future success. The scholarship funds are only for private study, for special training or for personal advancement in the applicant’s art career. They can be used for workshops, museum programs, summer programs, etc. The funds cannot be used for college tuition, housing or travel. In most years, as many as eight to ten scholarships are awarded in varying amounts.

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Local Competition Chairwoman
Melany Whitney

Naomi Rabb Winston (1894 – 1979) was an artist, art educator, teacher and lecturer.  As a young woman, she studied painting at the Corcoran Gallery School of Art in Washington, D.C.  Her many accomplishments included painting the Alabama state’s coat of arms in oils, based on a 1923 design by B. J. Tieman of New York. Her oil paintings are featured in the Montgomery County (Maryland) Historical Society collection and include the portrait above of Lilly C. Stone that Mrs.Winston painted in 1954.


2017 Naomi Winston Scholarship in Two-Dimensional Art Recipients

Cassidy Boyuk, 18, Ohio River Valley Chapter
$2,000 to continue an apprenticeship in classical realism painting with Michael Cooley at Cooley Studios in Worthington, Ohio

Jackson Casady, 22, Virginia/North Carolina Chapter
$1,000 for a summer studio program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia

Suzanne Head, 22, Ohio River Valley Chapter
$1,250 for workshops in glass painting and casting at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, in preparation for a 9-month residency in glass studies

Matthew Hennessey, 20, Clearwater/Tampa Bay Chapter
$1,000 for expanded studies in screen printing, mono printing, flocking and collage

Jefferson McCarthy, 18, Florida East Coast Chapter
$1,000 for studies at the International Center of Photography in New York City

Mai-Han Nguyen, 18d, Washington, D.C. Chapter
$1,050 for the pre-college student residency program offered by the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland

Maggie O’Keefe, 19, New Jersey Chapter
$1,000 to take part in an artist residency program at the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY, and courses in painting, drawing and printmaking at the Art Students League in New York City

Emmelyn Redd, 17, Greater Arizona Chapter
$1,200 toward tuition costs to attend the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah

Khalif Thompson, 21, Greater New York Chapter
$1,500 to study watercolor painting with the distinguished artist Frederick Brosen at the Art Students League in New York City

Savannah Wade, 18, Washington, D.C. Chapter
$1,000 toward New York City’s School of Visual Arts summer painting program in Barcelona, Spain, that gives 3 undergraduate  studio credits 

2016 Naomi Winston Scholarship in Two-Dimensional Art Judges


Judges for the national art scholarship this year were Mary Rose Holmes, Violetta Shtymeyzen-Chandler and Helen Tilston. The three distinguished artists and friends founded The Plein Aire Cottage Artists 16 years ago with a mission to preserve the history of Florida through their art – paintings that include its unique and disappearing coastal cottages, its tropical landscapes and beautiful white sand beaches.

Mary Rose Holmes is a fifth generation Floridian and third generation Florida artist.

Violetta Shtymeyzen-Chandler was born near Odessa, Ukraine, and moved to Sarasota, FL in 1995 and taught painting at the renowned Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota.

Helen Tilston was born in Kinvara, Ireland, and educated in Dublin.

Among their many honors as The Plein Aire Cottage Artists, are awards from the Florida Trusts for Historic Preservation and a lifetime invitation to show their work at the famed Biennale in Florence, Italy. Their works are featured in national and international private and corporate collections.


2016 Naomi Winston Scholarship in Two-Dimensional Art Winners


Alena Titova, 18, Washington, D.C. Chapter.
$2,000 for summer intensive studies in “Drawing: the Figure” at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Alexander Wrencher, 21, Central Illinois Chapter.
$1,500 for The Summer Studio Program at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Morgan Gruer, 21, New Jersey Chapter.
$1,250 for artist residencies at The Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Skopelos, Greece, as well as to the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venezia in Venice, Italy.

Sienna Broglie, 17, Washington, D.C. Chapter.
$1,200 for studies at Yale University Summer School of Art and Music.

Betsy Marsch, 22, Pittsburgh, PA Chapter.
$1,050 for a summer program at New York Academy of Art to further develop her work in figurative art and portraiture.

Esther Sitver, 18, St. Louis, MO Chapter.
$1,000 for a summer precollege program with a focus on illustration.

Ana Remis, 20, Clearwater/Tampa Bay, FL Chapter.
$1,000 for study at Genspace in New York City to paint with bacteria cultures as part of her interest in science and technology.

Mikayla Wenzel, 18, Bloomington, IND Chapter.
$1,000 for studies in game art and character modeling at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.